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There are currently five Trustee Directors who submit their time freely and attend meetings every twelve weeks.

We are also in the fortunate position of having two Patrons: Dame Lorna Muirhead and Major Roy Bevan . The former is the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater Merseyside and became patron in March 2010 and the latter has spent over twenty years as a Trustee Director.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Jeanette O’Brien manages ATO on behalf of the Trustees. She has autonomy in the running of activities and is relied upon to ensure that ATO continues with its mission and is financially sound. She is responsible for many aspects, such as staff recruitment and development, contract management, and safeguarding.

  • Head of Training

    Joanne Nolan is responsible for all aspects of training, this includes: registration and certification, internal verification, quality standards, CPD for assessment and delivery staff, and target setting. 

  • Assessors

    Joanne Nolan, Samantha Johnson, Anastasia Law, and Keelie Cave are all responsible for assessing students in the workplace and providing relations between employers and ATO.

  • Functional Skills Tutors

    Gareth Thomas is responsible for Functional Skills delivery, inductions, and health and safety checks.

  • Student Support

    Gareth Thomas and Jeanette O’Brien tend to the pastoral care of learners and ensures access to the appropriate external agencies.

  • Office Administrator

    Hateem Hassan ensures the continual revision of student files, the completion of reviews, placement finding, and the maintenance of administrative organisation.

  • Nursery Manager

    Danielle Clarke works in close attendance with training and students, offering guidance and support to those on placement.